Ballinahown Village has been choosen to represent Ireland in Entente Florale 2024. Entente Florale is an international competition established to recognise municipalities and villages in Europe for excellence in sustainable development of European towns, villages and cities that enhance the quality of life of citizens. To realise this aim Entente Florale encourages actions that foster a better living environment of both urban and rural dwellers. You can learn more about Entente Florale here.

Participating in Entente Florale provides Ballinahown with a range of benefits, further development of our biodiversity and sustainability efforts along with fostering community engagement and pride. Much like Ballinahown, the competition emphasises sustainable practices, contributing to a healthier environment, and offers lots of educational opportunities for residents. We are excited about the promotion of tourism and potential international recognition that may come as a result of our participation.  We look forward to the networking opportunities which will enable the exchange of ideas with other participating communities. We are grateful for the support of Westmeath County Council and our Entente Florale mentors as we prepare for this competition later in the summer.