We invite you to embrace whimsy and magic as you explore our fairy trail. Ballinahown fairies are plentiful but shy. They have homes all over our trail but rarely come out to play with locals. They love hide and seek and music and even have their own bell which they ring when they need to call a meeting or if there is danger. Listen out for the bell as you explore the trail.

While you hunt for fairies you may also find a variety of butterflies, ladybirds, spiders, birds, trees and wildflowers not to mention our bug hotels and willow huts. Only 150 meters in lenght, it is suitable for the smallest of legs with masses of enthusiasm. A gravel track, it is suitable for buggies when dry but in wetter weather it can get quite muddy, but with the right footwear, no less enjoyable.  

To add to the excitement of this trail, why not pick up a Nature Trail Scavanger Hunt from Rosies Shop or The Village Inn and share your findings on our Facebook page. We can’t wait to share in your discoveries

The development of the Fairy Trail involved the work of many local artists and local school children. Local artist, Rosemary Langtry worked directly with children to create fairy designs from recycled materials. Padraig Larkin (Willow artist) created willow huts from live growing willow plants.  They were structured in such a way that children could walk through the them as  part of the experience of the fairy trail.  Helen Conneely (wood sculpture)  designed fairy houses and figures with engravings of local old fairy stories passed down from generation to generation.


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