Ballinahown Sculpture Trail is divided into three parts; prayer, sculpture and nature. The first is our trail through the church grounds. This leads across to a circular garden beside the grotto. The path then leads across the road to the sculpture trail in the car park and continues behind it and comes out behind the old Garda Station. Then begins a new Sculpture trail which was commissioned in the Sports Park in 2016. The trees at entrance to Sports Park were deemed to be in dangerous condition due to disease. The trunks were used for chainsaw carvings by a local artist to create beautiful sculptures. This was a great project to turn a disadvantage into art and surround us with stories and beauty for the community and children. The initial project included carvings drawn on Irish mythology; The Children of Lir; Diarmuid and Grainne; Pangur Bán and the Salmon of Knowledge.

Three new tree carvings were completed with the artist and school children in January 2017.

The artist and school children undertook a creative engagement process to design and execute the Fairy Tree Houses. The project was sponsored by ESB locally, Ballinahown National School and Ballinahown Community Development.

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